Welcome to Jobstunes.com

Welcome to JobsTunes. We are a Bangladeshi based company. We aim to at your service, with much needed job employment opportunity out there. An easy and accessible jobs search and CV placement function make available on the site. Thanks to visit our website

JobsTunes is a recruitment base website. Job seekers can scan through a selection of employment opportunities placed through recruitment agencies or individual companies. Companies and recruiters can now advertise their jobs on us and manage their entire Job advertising service. These recruiters range from small niche enterprises to the more established bigger agencies that dominate the field. On JobsTunes, job seekers have free range to navigate through vast numbers of job offers in all fields without the niche agencies losing out.

We allows you to place your CV on the site. The recruiters and possible employers surfing the site view your profile and e-mail you either through the website or directly.

There is also add help with career advice available for you to use as a guide in choosing which career path is most suitable for you or whether your skills match your job choice.

JobsTunes has Twitter feeds and a Facebook Fan page for you to share opinion and receive news updates and added features from. As a website catering for the avid employer and employment seeker, JobsTunes provides equal services and information for both; acting as a two in one jobs service. The job market is tough, and can be stressful to break through. Having a company that can put your CV forward to recruiters and prospective employers with only one CV upload, gives you one less thing to worry about.