Welcome to Backpackbang.com

Back pack is the most trusted commerce platformbackpack in Bangladesh. Backpackbang founded with a vision to provide every citizen of the world with a choice; the choice of buying organic, authentic, and cost effective products with minimum friction.
Whether the product is state-of-the-art consumer electronics, exotic pashmina from the south-east, or even medication that are rare in some parts of the world and not so rare in others – we promise ourselves to get those products to your doorsteps. We would like to reject the counterfeits, we would like to reject the almost-originals, most importantly, we would like to not pay the heavy expense incurred, most of which we deem to be superfluous. Help us make a better, more original globalized world.

Check out our awesome user guide info-graphic to get a better understanding of how we’re achieving our goal:

How can I contact Backpack?

We have several contact points with our users. See which one applies to you:
For general questions, the fastest way to get an answer is to check out help center. For delivery of your items, we will communicate with you with updates via notifications  – keep an eye on your email/Facebook/Backpack for the notifications. After your item reaches your country, we will update you and deliver according to the delivery method you have chosen.

If you have further questions about updates, you can contact the traveler or backpackbang admins on the connection page or from messages from “My Requests” page.
For questions regarding your requests/orders: please ask admin from messages from “My Requests” page.
Learning how Backpack works, please go to this link to know how Backpack works. For urgent issues with traveling: Please email us at support@backpackbang.com and type ‘Urgent:’ on the subject line. For any other questions, we’d be glad to get in touch and talk to you. Please email us at support@backpackbang.com or message us on social media
Fastest global delivery system
Get your items in 16 days. Our delivery system is equipped with cutting edge tracking and advanced digital verification methods.
Reliable request guarantee policy
Your purchase is always protected with Backpack. In any case of dissatisfaction, we’ll provide full refund or re-purchase the items.
Highest user satisfaction
Dubbed as “the best online shopping platform in Bangladesh” by users; for many of whom – Backpack has been the first ever online shopping experience.
World class customer service
We here to help – 7 days a week, 365 days a year; working around the clock to ensure an amazing experience for each one of you.