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BikebdHi greetings to everyone, I am Bikebd a motorcycle lover.  From my childhood I am so much enthusiastic about motorcycle. When I hear a motorcycle engine sound around my home, I always run to see that motorcycle.

In my mind there are lots of question then, why engine sound of a motorcycle different from one another? We friends play with each other with on going bike besides the road of school class room about, Honda CDI vs Yamaha RX 100 engine sound. Thanks to visit our website

In 2009, after lots of bargain my father agreed to buy me a motorcycle. Then I little bit confused what bike should I buy? I asked everyone one of my friends & relatives who have a owner and experience in this field. They are confused me by giving choice between Hero Honda & Bajaj.

Then I sneaking around the internet for the best bike to buy in my budget. As we know maximum motorcycle in Bangladesh import from India so I sneak around the Indian motorcycle blogs & website. YouTube also help me a lot. Then I bought my Bike Hero Honda Hunk.

I found that Indian people discuss with each other about bike review, problems, used bike buying suggestion ,bike care tips, problem solution in various blog, forums website. But in Bangladesh there are no such platform. Then I think to build a website about all Bangladeshi peoples motorcycle related topics.

In the year of 2011 about 1,12,723 bike sold in Bangladesh.  It’s a growing industry, people now a days prefer bike because of traffic jam &  low maintaining cost.

After 2 years of research & planning I create this blog. My goal is to help the Bangladeshi people to get the right knowledge about bike and biking.

Always ride safely, Happy Biking