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eakashAt EAKASH.COM (Pls Visit) we started out with our unique goal – Enable every child to fulfill his or her potential. Technology, specifically mobile technology, is changing the way we live in every aspects of our lives. Technology is also changing the ways students and learners learn. New technologies can extend learning to spaces beyond classrooms, allow for new curricula that bring real-world problems into schools, and support new forms of learning that are both formative and immediate.

The newest student generation, sometimes called “New Millennial Learners”, is growing up surrounded by digital media and technologies. For them, the ability to access information and communication technologies (ICT) is increasingly important to effectively participate in the economic, political, and social aspects of the so-called knowledge-society.

We believe one of the most effective ways to enable each student realize their full potential is through digital education and digital contents. The most effective ways to remove digital divide is to make the digital technology available for all.

We have developed a complete digital contents platform for designing, management, and delivery of digital contents.

Management Team

The eAKASH founding team brings a broad range of talents and experiences spanning across:

Deep technical expertise
Prior successful privately held founding experience
Extensive connections with the technical and business communities, and established customer channels
The founding team has all of the ingredients and determination to expand this successful company.

Message from the CEO

Education should and must give children and young people the opportunity to develop critical thinking about complex global issues in the safe space of the classroom. This is something that children of all ages need, for even very young children come face to face with the controversial issues of our time through the media and modern communications technology. Far from promoting one set of answers, true education everywhere must encourage children and young people to explore, develop and express their own values and opinions, whilst listening to and respecting other people’s points of view. This is an important step towards children and young people making informed choices as to how they exercise their own rights and their responsibilities to others.

One of the most effective ways to ensure such education for all without any limit is digital education and using technology to enable and deliver education without any limitations.

With this grand mission to deliver quality educational contents in the most appropriate and cost effective means, eAKASH has been working on digital contents platform. Our mission is to enable everyone easy access to knowledge, creation of knowledge systems, dissemination of knowledge and provide better knowledge services by the innovation of a digital content creation, management, and delivery system.

We hope you consider joining us in our mission and common goal and guide our company towards a bigger and brighter future for our next generation.


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