Welcome to Birpo.com

Birpo.com is an online shopping medium established to provide people with ease, convenience (not to mention save time), when it comes to shopping.  We provides our customers with only high quality products, ranging from electronics, to household products to chemical free produce at the cheapest prices. Birpo strives to be the one-stop solution to shopping. Thanks to visit our website http://www.birpo.com/

How Birpo was Started

Living in a bustling city like Dhaka, where traffic jams are a common problem, it was becoming almost impossible to keep up with regular, daily tasks. Imran Chowdhury, the Managing Director and Founder, who had worked in reputed Multi-nationals, found himself working for double-shifts at times with no time for himself, let alone shop for necessities. Finding free-time was becoming a challenge. Nafiul Alam, the Chairman and Founder, a successful entrepreneur, managing a group of businesses found himself facing the same challenge. Happily married and a father of two lovely children, Nafiul had other challenges faced by many Bangladeshis today, such as ensuring high quality and chemical free food for himself and his family.


They both realized that this was a widespread issue within Bangladesh. Many households faced the same problems of laboring over traffic jams only to not find the right products that they are looking for. Even when they do, they always end up paying more. In today’s advancing world, people need to keep up to date with technological advancements. Many people would travel to or order from other countries to find the “right” laptop or iPad. Food “safety” is a common topic nowadays at family dinner tables.

Why People Afraid?

People are afraid to have necessities like fruits, vegetables and meat due to contamination. Ethics and morale seemed to have suddenly disappeared.  Finding a maid has become a challenge for many middle-class families. Therefore, homemakers have to now rely on household products in many cases. Where would they find the “right” products and how much extra would they have to spend?
These are the common questions and concerns of the common people living in the country. It was obvious that some things were not working out.

Time for a Change

It was time for a Change. This “Change” had to be such that it addressed all the common problems, including time, convenience, safety, quality and of course, satisfaction. Both Imran and Nafis were ready to take on this new “challenge” where they would own the business, give back something to society and help the nation move toward technological advancement.  Birpo.com was a perfect solution. Birpo aims to provide consumers with practically everything they need at the touch of a screen through both the internet and mobile phone application. We commit to providing only high quality products at competitive prices. This is not just a business, but way for the common people to save and enjoy the extra time without having to worry about going outside and spending hours to travel to a shop, not find the right product, get bad service and come home disappointed.

Birpo’s Belief

There are many established “big players” in the market already trying to “expand” their businesses. Their prices are jacked up only because they claim to be a “cut above the rest.” We at Birpo believe in only one thing, and that is the fact that all of us are consumers at the end of the day. Before selling any product, Birpo put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer and ask one simple question: Would I buy this product? If the answer is yes, only then will we move forward with selling the product. As far as our business concerned, we believe in hard work, integrity, honesty and dedication. If we can be honest in our business, success is then bound to follow.

With success also comes responsibility

With success also comes responsibility. We want to not only avail high quality products to our customers, but also help our country grow as a whole. Birpo want to help move Bangladesh forward by educating people and making them become technologically advanced. We want every household to be able to shop through Birpo.

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