Welcome to stylinecollection.com

stylinecollectionKhobaib, founder and CEO of Stylinecollection Lifestyle Ltd. Let me tell you what’s my motivation to work on decent lifestyle products. I found many girls and boys in Dhaka city toiling hard from store to store – trying to find everything consistent to his/her decent fashion trend and at good price. Let me ask you one thing – have you found a single store where you found everything of your hijab trend? I guess not. There’s no one-stop store in Bangladesh that is working on your hijab trend ONLY. Thanks to visit our website

Stylinecollection offers an online store-front where you can find everything related to your decent trend – from hijab to arabian shoes. All our products are imported from malaysia and China and we offer some top-class local product also. Our vision is not limited to selling, we aim to make this platform interactive so that at some point, you can order your own design product and you can connect with friends and family to share your shopping experience. The dream is big and we are here to walk together.

We deliver Modesty

Styline Delivers Modesty in a Box of Happiness. We are really excited to offer you such shopping experience that Bangladesh shoppers never got before, Insha Allah.  If you see the price-range, you’ll find it extremely reasonable and that is what we care about – our customers. When you will receive your order, you will see the box is full of surprises – maybe one, maybe multiple. And in return, we will not mind if you tell your friends and family about us and post in your timeline some lines to make us proud.

Hijab is a #Matter Of Heart, right?
Let’s have a shout together to stop misinterpreting Hijab and Hijab lifestyle. After all, it’s a #MatterOfHeart , isn’t it? So why do not you go to facebook and post with a hashtag #MatterOfHeart. After all its our own responsibility to keep the spirit high! to stop people from saying bad words on our hijab lifestyle and to feel we are proud in what we do