Welcome to Jamdaniville.com

jamdanivilleJamdaniVille is a global online shop, Which is offering the Bangladeshi Hand Loom woven fabric. Mainly we provide Jamdani, which is the addition of Muslin, the historical heritage of Mughol Period. Thanks to visit our website

Our Mission:

Our mission is to spread our great heritage #Jamdani and it’s fame all over the world.

About Product:

We bring our Jamdani directly from our weavers, which is situated at Rupgonj, Narayinganj. Our main specialties are high quality materials and unique design.

About Customer

Each and every customer is our asset and the most important part of our business. We believe in good relationship with our customers, That’s why we highly care about their satisfaction.

And we know satisfaction comes out from the product quality, service and trust. So we always try to provide the best service and high quality product with very reasonable price.